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American Modern-Retail $50.00! Sale Only $31.50!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

American Modern

American Modern-Retail $50.00! Sale Only $31.50!

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American Modern Description:

Designer and merchant, collector and tastemaker, Thomas O’Brien has made a career of translating cool notions of modernism into an easy and generous array of modern styles that anyone can attain. Now he introduces readers to a range of those styles—from casual to formal, vintage to urban—alongside stunning photography and charming design stories.

      O’Brien carefully describes the design process of his chosen projects, including a downtown New York City loft, a traditional Connecticut estate, and a converted schoolhouse in eastern Long Island. Each home explores a view on the modern design spectrum he has created, as well as the individual choices that make the design unique and its mix essentially American. He explains not only what was at work to create a given style, but how readers can import those practices to their own homes and personal design sensibilities. Important design principles such as architectural authenticity, color relationships, correctness of scale, and informed collecting are threaded through a practical narrative that reads like a master class in interior design.

     American Modern is an inspiring design volume that will redefine the way readers think about modern interiors.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1774 in Books
  • Published on: 2010-04-01
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 240 pages

Customer Reviews:

A Modern Classic5
If you like a fresh, original mix of classic styles with modern, you’ll love this book. Modern can easily be too sterile or cold, but Thomas O’Brien knows how to warm it up with light and grace. I loved this book, and think it will become a best-seller and classic among lovers of interior design. The author shows how to interpret modern style in combinations such as vintage modern, urban modern as illustrated by his various design projects including his own residences.

What I admire about O’Brien’s work is that it has a certain anonymity–it doesn’t scream his name as some designer’s projects do where they look more like the designer than the client. You can tell someone with a keen design sensibility and deftness designed these rooms and you want to study them and read about how the designer did it. I enjoyed this book so much I’m going to recommend that my library get it as I think it has a universal appeal and timelessness of style that will last for a long time. The book is beautifully crafted and a pleasure to view.

Stunning interiors with an opulent and unusual early/mid 20th century vibe5
It amazes me how few design inspirations there are for British houses built 1900-1950. A huge number of our suburban family homes date from this period, yet British interior designers and retailers seem incredibly reluctant to engage with them, and there are very few looks available to those wanting to avoid wholesale modernisation.

Either you go down the Cath Kidston route (way too girlie and twee for most blokes); or the retro Pedlars look (shabby AND expensive, a combination to make your mother weep); or the wholesale Utility or Art Deco re-creation (the Geffrye museum via Ebay, for those who really want to dedicate years of their life to replicating an Agatha Christie stage set).

Well, folks, now there’s an alternative. And it’s BEAUTIFUL. ‘American Modern’ - which has nothing specifically American about it, and is absolutely not what Europeans would call “modern” at all - is the signature style of the book’s author, a New York decorator called Thomas O’Brien, who is very famous in the US apparently, though I hadn’t heard of him until now.

O’Brien’s interiors have a very polished and opulent style that incorporates a ton of “stuff”: piles of interesting travel relics and eclectic gewgaws surrounded by early 20th century antiques, dreamy line illustrations and photography, sumptuous upholstery, foxed mirrorglass furniture, chrome, marble, linen, silk and velvet, all in divinely muted colour palettes. (If I ever re-do my sitting room, I’m going his ’shades of blue hydrangea’ all the way). Think pre-war Hollywood movies, the great grand hotels of the world, and deposed royalty living it up in Park Avenue and Cadogan Square mansion flats. Dahlink, I kennot tell you, it’s etterly febulous.

This book is not for the faint of heart, or the light of pocket. Its ideas are way too luxe for owners of teeny-tiny pre-war semis and bungalows (who should check out the ‘Domino’ book or Ann Grafton’s ‘Interior Transformations’ instead). And if you’re a minimalist, or think 20th century modernity should be all Eames and brutalist architecture, you’ll almost certainly hate it. But for those who prefer a richer and more overtly decorated look, this really is the most stunning property porn I’ve seen in a long while.

‘House & Garden’ addicts who, like me, salivate over the work of Emily Todhunter, Neisha and Charlotte Crosland, Nina Campbell or Guy Goodfellow will adore ‘American Modern’, and will soon be adding Thomas O’Brien to their list of design crushes (he’s also absurdly handsome if his author photo is anything to go by). As for those of you who have, or aspire to have, a BIG early 20th century house, and want a glamorous, impressive, sexy yet comfortable interior, do not dare pick up even a paintbrush until you’ve checked out this gorgeous book.

Refreshing and inspirational. Does not disappointment. One of the best I have purchased in a while.