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Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid, Book 5 Discount.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid, Book 5

Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid, Book 5 Discount.

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Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid, Book 5 Description:

Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals–all child’s play to a succubus like her.

Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend’s wedding is a different story. Georgina isn’t sure which is worse–that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run all over Seattle trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Georgina’s roommate, Roman, is cluttering her apartment with sexual tension. Then there’s Simone, the new succubus in town, who’s intent on corrupting Seth.

But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that’s visiting her thoughts, trying to draw her into a dark, otherworldly realm. Sooner or later, Georgina knows she’ll be too weak to resist. And when that happens, she’ll discover who she can trust, who she can’t–and that Hell is far from the worst place to spend eternity. . .

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1651 in Books
  • Published on: 2010-04-01
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 304 pages

Customer Reviews:

Finally digging deeper into Georgina’s past!!5
As an ongoing series these books must be read in order and book 5 continues where the previous left off.

Georgina is bombarded several new woes in her life. On top of having to learn to live without Seth, she now somehow gotten herself named a bridesmaid at his wedding, as well as dealing with a visiting Succubus who has made it her mission to conquer Seth, and a very odd relationship growing with Roman, oh and did I mention an unknown force that is out to kidnap her from this world?

Whenever Georgina finds herself in the throes of depression(which is often) an odd force or entity appears in her dreams like a siren’s song to rescue her from it all. Or is it to kidnap her from it all? This unknown entity forces Georgina to relive painful memories from both her mortal life and her immortal one in order to feed off her energy. But are all the memories they show her true?

As a reader you find yourself just as confused as the character while she is reliving these past memories and just as tortured. I found the book to be both exciting and heartbreaking. I loved that this book covers a lot of how Georgina became who she is today by reliving many memories from her very long life. I’ve always wanted to know so much more about her past and this book delivers exactly that. You see get to see how Georgina became the uncharacteristically compassionate minion of hell that she is now.

A powerful entry in the Georgina Kincaid series5
The fourth book in the Georgina Kincaid series, “Succubus Heat,” was quite a downer. The fifth volume opens new possibilities–but is also poignant, with a number of familiar characters facing death.

Georgina is a succubus, a lesser immortal who sucks the life out of lovers through various intimacies (including passionate kisses). Her improbable love of a mortal, the author Seth Mortensen, has gone badly. Seth is now engaged to one of Georgina’s best friends, Maddie. Sounds like a soap opera. But the events in this book rapidly become compelling.

Something is calling for Georgina. Her roommate, Roman, tries to make sure nothing evil happens, but one night some force “sucks her” into a limbo-like place. Here, the book becomes fascinating as the creatures who captured her, minions of another powerful supernatural force whom Georgina helped “imprison” earlier, take their vengeance on her. What makes this interesting is the dreams: current episodes in the “real world,” such as her friends, including vampires, humans, imps, an angel, etc., try to figure out what has happened to her and how to “rescue” her). Or a retelling of her early life, where she made choices that led her to sell her soul, and some of the consequences of that. Or episodes with men over time whom she cared about and the problems her succubusean lifestyle caused them. Some of the dreams were false. Some true. After awhile, she could no longer be clear what was true or what might be false in those dreams. And the reader gets a better sense of her life and the challenges she has faced.

Then the unlikely rescue effort, with Seth–of all people–being able to find her in the dreamy world in which she is shackled and then bring her back. . . After that the denouement is filled with revenge and death, with flight from facing events, with dramatic breakups and dramatic rapprochements. And the novel ends with a curious statement when her man (readers will not get a spoiler from me here) calls her by her original human name–which she has not shared since signing her contract for her soul. There is also a hint that the contract situation is not yet cleared up. What next?

I would like to see the next novel bring some closure. There is always a risk that adding new stories to a series can lead to some degree of stagnation. This volume is surely not stagnant, and leaves the reader wondering what lies ahead. . . .

3.5 stars4
“Succubus Shadows” is, I think, my least favorite Georgina Kincaid book to date. It’s not really bad, but compared to previous installments it is rather dull.

Georgina is depressed and down most of the time. She is compelled to help her friend to plan a wedding with Seth, the man she loves. On top of it, a new visiting succubus in town is trying to seduce Seth and taint his soul even more. Even her surprisingly compassionate, albeit marginally psychotic, but oh so sexy roommate Roman can’t cheer her up. Whenever Georgina is at her lowest, strange things start happening to her - she loses her memory, she sleepwalks, she is drawn to something, something unearthly, a realm of dreams. At some point Georgina is too weak and distraught to resist the pull and finally succumbs to this dream world, only to be tortured by the dreams of her sinful past.

My main qualm with “Succubus Shadow,” as I’ve noted above, is its dullness. The previous book left me full of angst and hate for both Seth and Maddie, and with concern for Seth’s darkened soul. This installment never builds upon this drama, it is kind of flat. The characters I despised in “Succubus Heat” are too easily redeemed, their discretions forgotten and difficulties smoothed out. I mean, very-very easily.

The first half of the story is on par with previous books. It is dynamic and funny wherever G’s gang is involved. But the moment our succubus is consumed by the dream world, the story slows down. Georgina’s dreams of the past are redundant, we’ve encountered her experience with good men before, and we already know that’s it’s the same vicious cycle. Her other trips into her present time and involving her friends are more of a plot device to show us, readers, how the search for her progresses.

And finally, the huge clues given in this book are VERY obvious. It seems only Georgina doesn’t know how the things will turn out in the end.

Overall, “Succubus Shadows” is a decent book, if you compare it to others in urban fantasy genre. It is a must-read for Georgina fans and a good primer for the finale. But if compared to previous Georgina books, it lacks excitement and drama, it is a tad obvious and predictable.

From Publishers Weekly
Something ominous is tracking reluctant succubus Georgina Kincaid through her effervescent fifth urban fantasy adventure (after 2009’s Succubus Heat). An elusive entity that Georgina can’t name or fight invades her thoughts and nearly persuades her to kill herself. Georgina’s boss, archdemon Jerome, and her angel friend Carter can’t even detect the phenomenon, much less figure out how to stop it. Georgina’s ex-boyfriend, Seth, is about to marry her friend Maddie, and what with pining after Seth, trying to protect him from another succubus, and being one of Maddie’s bridesmaids, Georgia finds that suicide is starting to sound very tempting. Mead’s lighthearted romp is plenty of fun on the surface; Georgina’s struggles with the gray areas between good and evil provide a powerful undercurrent. (Apr.)
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