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The Losers: Book One Vols. 1 And 2 Discount.

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Losers: Book One Vols. 1 And 2

The Losers: Book One Vols. 1 And 2 Discount.

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The Losers: Book One Vols. 1 And 2 Description:

With the eagerly anticipated Warner Bros. Pictures movie The Losers set to reach theaters in April 2010, DC Comics collects the first twelve issues of THE LOSERS — from the ANTE UP and DOUBLE DOWN TPs — into a single, explosive volume!

This collection introduces The Losers, formerly an elite U.S. Special Forces unit that served as the covert bloody hand of America until they stumbled across a C.I.A. secret they couldn’t ignore. The C.I.A. tried to kill them, but they’re about to learn that it takes more than one try to eliminate The Losers.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #304 in Books
  • Published on: 2010-02-02
  • Released on: 2010-02-02
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 304 pages

Customer Reviews:

Highly recommended!5
The Losers Vol. 1 & 2, written by Andy Diggle with art by Jock, is as close to an action movie as you can get in comic form.

Jock’s art explodes off the page, giving the action sequences a sense of motion and vitality you don’t often get in comics, while Diggle’s script is tight and sharp, making each character distinct in the midst of chaos.

Originally published in 2003, the comic follows a group of disenfranchised covert ops as they try to get their lives back following a betrayal by the mysterious Max - unfortunately Max is a high level military/CIA asset and crossing him means putting themselves in the crosshairs. While the basic set-up may sound similar to the The A-Team that’s as far as the similarity goes; this isn’t played for laughs - it’s serious business.

Of course, things don’t go that easy as the team face mercenaries, the CIA, the fact that Max may not even exist, and a betrayal at the hands of one of their own - but then if things were easy, they wouldn’t be Losers, would they?

The complete series of The Losers is being re-released in two volumes to capitalize on the forthcoming movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans - so this is a perfect opportunity to get a jump on it.

Highly recommended!

Fast-paced espionage thriller - already a movie!4
This double-sized collection pulls together the first twelve issues of this over-the-top espionage yarn. The titular characters are a band of ‘burned’ Special Forces grunts - dropped by the CIA after a mission goes wrong. The Losers are out for revenge - tracking down particularly dodgy CIA operations and breaking them up. As their digging around starts to turn up answers, they start drawing even more unwanted attention from the Powers that Be.

It took me a while to get into The Losers, but once I got there, I didn’t want to put this down. Diggle’s writing is already patently cinematic - this is straight out of the hyperkinetic paranoid action movies of the early 2000’s. Jock’s art and (gutsy) layouts reinforces the pace. Something is always going on and the reader’s eye zips from panel to panel. This is a great comic book, and done, right, should make for a good film.

A big win for The Losers4
With the Hollywood movie looming on the horizon this trade paperback collecting the first two volumes of the Vertigo series The Losers by Andy Diggle and Jock is sure to garner more fans, something that this comic richly deserves. Excellent plotting and well-conceived characters have been hallmarks of Diggle’s writing, especially on titles such as Hellblazer, and his talents are fully on display here. Artist Jock is as brilliant as ever with the art, and at 303 pages this collection is a steal for only 13 bucks. Buy this trade before the movie if you can, and proceed to lose yourself in a world of military intrigue, conspiracy and bloody action as Clay, Jensen, Cougar, Aisha and Pooch tear up the pages with trademark violence. The Losers is a title that will be in print for many years to come, and occupies a special place on my shelf. Highly recommended.